Monday, August 31, 2009

Keira Knightley biography, Keira Knightley Bend it like Beckham

Keira Knightley was born in 26 March 1985. Keira began her career as a infant and came to international level in 2003 after doing Bend It like Beckham. She received Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Academy Award nominations. Forbes claims Knightley to be the second highest paid actress in Hollywood having reportedly earned $32 million in 2007, making her the only non American person on the list of highest paid actors or actresses.

Knightley first starred in the year 2001, when she played the daughter of Robin Hood in Walt Disney Productions feature, Thieves. she appeared in a miniseries of Doctor Zhivago that first broadcast in 2002. The movie bagged mixed reviews. Knightley's breakthrough role was in the footy themed film, Bend It like Beckham. The movie grossed $18 million in U.K. In US the movie was released in March 2003 grossing $32 million. In the late spring of 2007, Knightley shot The Edge of Love with Cillian Murphy as her husband. she received positive reviews for her role. Upcoming films for 2009 include the drama Never Let Me Go by Alex Garland and London Boulevard, with Colin Farrell.

Knightley was involved with Rupert Friend. Knightley has stated she's no designs to be married in the near future. she previously dated Northern Irish fashion model Jamie Dornan, as well as actor Del Synnott, attempted suicide after their relationship ended. Although Synnott and Knightley denies these claim. Knightley has denied rumors she's anorexic. Afer she did a movie The Dead Mans Chest, she accept the speculation that her thin figure was due to an eating disorder that her relatives has a history of anorexia.

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