Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Katrina Kaifs Duplicate Zarina Khan, Pics Of Zarina Khan, Salman Found Katrina's Duplicate Zarina

Picture of Zarina Khan : Katrina Kaifs Duplicate

After finding a xerox-copy of ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai for his flick Lucky, Salman Khan has done it again, this time he has found a ditto copy of his current flame Katrina Kaif.

Zarina Khan, was spotted by Salman Khan on the sets of Yuvraaj, where she is Katrina’s body double. And after spotting her similarity with Katrina he has decided to cast her opposite himself in Veer.

A source reveals, “Zarina is slightly younger than Katrina, her age is 21. If one was to see Zarina from afar then you would not be able to make out who is who. Zarina’s name will be changed before the film releases and she will be given a much more common Hindu name.”

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VanVikki03 said...

I believe that kartina is more pretty and she doesn't need someone like zarina to improve on her self. I don't think this new chick Zarina looks like Katrina. Not even close up or far away. I have seen other pictures of Zarina and she is not close to Katrina looks. By the way, Zarina is just a duplicate thats it..Let see how she does in movies. ( Zarina ). Katrina has made more movies than her. I don't know why Salman Khan wants another Katrina. Maybe one is not enough for him?