Monday, December 31, 2007

Saif Ali Khan accepted Kareena Kapoor as his true love

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“I’m extremely and completely committed. I've found true love and I'd like people to respect that as much as I do,” Saif said.“A lot of people say a lot of things. She's the most wonderful person I know,” he said.Kareena and Saif met, in October, at the grand finale of the Lakme Fashion Week.
Yash Raj Films Tashan is still in the making but yet it seems to be making a buzz for number reasons. One reason is that Anil Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor will share the screen space for the first time together. In fact, Akshay and Anil Kapoor will be seen in a Yash Raj film after a very long time.Another interesting reason is that, Saif and Kareena are in news these days apparently for being ‘spotted’ together.

When sources reported their romantic linkup initially, then Kareena said no to the reports and said Saif was just a friend.

Afterward, when she broke up with Shahid it appeared she had dumped him for Saif who implicitly acknowledged the problem.

Finally, Saif Ali Khan(Ex husband of Amrita Singh - Break up in 2004, Ex Boyfriend of Italian Rozza Catalino, broke up in 2007) has accepted that he loves ‘Kareena’(Ex girl friend of Sahid Kapoor) very much, and would like to spend his life with her.

Paris Hilton Keven Federline Partying Together - Juicy New Year 2008?

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Kevin Federline and Paris Hilton were seen partying over the weekend. Juicy 2008 ahead???

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bottoms Up - Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra hosted a lesbian event of some type and really gave the guests what they wanted! Now this is how you work a crowd

Carmen Electra & Coke!!

Carmen electra loves coke
When it comes to Coke, Carmen Electra can’t get enough. The former Miss Dave Navarro is the newest Coke Cola spokesperson. The girl is shooting a Super Bowl commercial for the legendary beverage. Here are a few photos from the shoot: (more…)

Carmen Electra Strips in front of Camera


Carmen Electra took a break from working hard on whatever she’s doing to go to the beach. Sounds familar. Nice dress and bikini. And bo*bs! We love bo*bs!

Carmen Strips Take It Off! Carmen Electra Has Nice Bo*bs Hello Boys What? You Looking At Me?

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Tiffany gets engaged!


Tiffany Pollard the star of VH1’s I Love New York is engaged to the season two winner George Weisgerber (a.k.a. Tailor Made). Tailor Made originally proposed to New York on the season finale, but she turned him down only to choose him as her true love in the final elimination. She decided after a second proposal to say “yes,” according to People:

Weisgerber, who was separated while taping the show and is currently finalizing his divorce, admits he “always had a crush” on Pollard, and thought it fate when casting for season two began. “She needs a guy who will treat her right and respects her and values her for who she is, he told PEOPLE recently. “Our personalities complete each other. I cherish her and want to cater to her every need. But I’m not a doormat. We have a good balance.”

Considering this gossip is based on a reality show, I question its entire validity. In fact, I’m convinced that New York is really a Muppet. You’d think they’d at least make her super-hot like Miss Piggy. God, I’d do things to that pig. If only that puppeteer’s arm wasn’t always in my way…

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kate Hudson Loves Owen Wilson

Kate Hudson Loves Owen Wilson

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Kate Hudson has spoken about her ex-lover Owen Wilson for the first time.

The actress, who began dating Owen last year after they met on the set of ‘You, Me and Dupree’ but split in June, will always love Owen and hopes he is happier following his failed suicide attempt.


She said: “Owen is such a lovely person, and I love him dearly. And I wish him beautiful things - health and everything that he desires in life.”

Kate, 28, also revealed her marriage to rocker Chris Robinson began to falter after their three-year-old son Ryder was born.

The actress, who split from Chris in 2006 after six years, admitted her divorce was the most “painful” thing she has ever gone through.

She told Vogue magazine: “We had Ryder, and we both sort of looked at each other and went, ‘Something’s off.’

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“Boy Meets World” actress gets DUI

In the last two or three years it’s become apparent that a DUI is the new… crap, what did washed up, former D-list celebrities do to get attention before the DUI craze? I really do think it’s a craze. There’s no way so many celebs have just suddenly started “accidentally” drinking too much […]

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Nicky Hilton Bik*ni Candids

Nice bod from another Hilton’s family
Nicky Hilton bik*ni candids in a Maui beach

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By Eye TV India Bureau

In the News

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The dhak dhak girl of Bollywood is proud of her comeback movie 'Aaja Nachle' and isn't afraid of failures. She confesses that her latest movie is woman-centric, and there is no hero in it, but contests the remark that she is the movie's hero. However, in the same breath she admits, "I'm the female protagonist". When told that the movie was written keeping her profile in view she quips, "The thought made my legs shake and (believe it) not because I was dancing". Initially, she was hesitant to say yes to film director Aditya Chopra as she wondered if the viewers would like to watch her. Since he looked at her very strangely and said, "Don't worry about that" she heaved a sigh of relief. What's the theme of her movie? She gives her mind and says, "Every time I visit Mumbai I find it more westernized. However, I wish them to imbibe the best of foreign influences but without losing our culture? In the US, we see families more Indian than in India", she continues with a heavy heart, perhaps. Is the movie trying to give this message? Yes, 'Aaja Nachle' addresses this question. But, without preaching."


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

J-Lo confronted by exes

J-Lo confronted by exes
Jennifer Lopez was mortified to be confronted by two ex-boyfriends at a wedding recently. The singer was at the nuptials of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein when video messages from rapper P Diddy and actor Ben Affleck were played. A fellow guest reports, "Jen was laughing at all the funny tributes but when Diddy and Ben gave their speeches, she went silent. She looked uncomfortable and people were staring at her."

Monday, December 24, 2007

Hot Mallika Sherawat

She is indeed made it to the elite circles of Bollywood! Though Mallika Sherawat started of to do the usual but nevertheless consequential roles for publicity, she took the fame forward with remarkable and bankable work nationally and also internationally. Mallika Sherawat has long made it internationally like all the A-list stars in Bollywood. What more, she has also walked the red carpet with the legendary Jackie Chan at Cannes. The lady is now ready to be termed one of the 100 most beautiful women in the world. One of Hong Kong’s premiere luxury fashion magazine asks her for the cover page. This monthly claims to be a leading authority on fashion, beauty and entertainment in the Asia Pacific region. Editor Ellie O’Ready says, “We feel that Mallika is truly one of the 100 most beautiful people in Asia and our list just wouldn’t be complete without her.” So be ready to see our very own Mallika on the prestigious magazine’s cover in a month or two.

Lily Allen Is Pregnant

The ‘Smile’ singer, who is dating Chemical Brothers star Ed Simons, discovered she was expecting last month but has only just informed her close family of the happy news.

A source said: “Lily is thrilled to be pregnant and can’t wait to become a mum. She’s a real family person.

“Ed’s very happy. He is really looking after her.”

Lily, 22, began dating Ed, who is 15 years her senior, in September and sources insist they are excited about their impending arrival.

One said: “They could not be happier.

“It’s the icing on the cake for Lily as she’s had an incredible 18 months. She is looking forward to finishing her new album early next year and releasing it before the birth of her first child.”

Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge Set To Marry

In yet another twist to the Spears family saga, Britney’s pregnant teenage sister Jamie Lynn is reported to be marrying the father of her unborn child, Casey Aldridge.
Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, who revealed on Tuesday that she is expecting her first child, is reportedly “desperate” to marry her 17-year-old boyfriend, despite her parents’ hesitations.

Britney Spears Needs a Bra

Freaking Classic.
Britney Spears pokies in braless red shirt while out in Cross Creek

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Avril Lavigne Shows Her Men’s Underwear

She got a nice ass! They were in a hurry, mistakes were made and her dude was wearing her thongs.
Avril Lavigne shows her GinchGonch men’s underwear arriving at Quitte Villas

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Deepika Padukone| Om Shanti Om

Om Shanti Om’ directed by Farah Khan, has already made a gala opening and is running successfully worldwide making Deepika Padukone one of the most saleable stars in Bollywood today. Deepika Padukone plays the role of an actress in the movie, and on the other hand she is portrayed as a very simple girl whose dream is to have a family of her own. The story revolves mainly on the theme of rebirth. This formula was also a hit in the olden days and still today the charm of this formula does not seem to have died down. Deepika Padukone has become clearly a big factor in the in selling the film. She has a fresh look and this factor has a huge contribution in marketing the film. Deepika Padukone seems to have taken tips from actresses of the 70’s to do full justice to her character. Her image in the film is of a common Indian woman who dreams of a home for her own. As a whole it can be said Deepika Padukone has been a new find for Bollywood in terms of looks as well as talent. It is very rare that someone who is so successful on the ramp succeeds in the Hindi film industry but Deepika Padukone has proved such notions totally incorrect.

Shilpa Shetty -The hot bollywood actress

Shilpa Shetty - Even after 11 years in industry, she was just another struggling actress cum item dancer in Bollywood, but after Celebrity Big Brother, man! she suddenly hogged all the headlines all over the world. She was a new demi-goddess who had a perfume line in her name, a doctrate degree from the university of UK and Richard just added few more sparks of fame later

Nicolas Cage Wants His Own Disneyland Ride

Nicolas Cage is begging Disneyland bosses to create a new ride based on his movie franchise National Treasure.

The actor is a huge theme park fan and insists it’s his dream to ride his own roller coaster.

National Treasure and new sequel Book of Secrets were produced by Disney.

National Treasure is No Pirates of the Caribbean and does no deserve a ride.

Jaime Pressly Tops Hot Moms List

Actress Jaime Pressly has topped a new list of fit mothers, who hit the gym to lose baby weight and regained their beautiful figures in weeks.

The My Name Is Earl star followed a strict 1,200-calorie-a-day diet and even tried a cabbage-soup detox to lose the weight she gained while pregnant with baby son Dezi.

Just six weeks after his May (07) birth, Pressly looked hotter than ever.

The actress beat out Bridget Moynahan and Isla Fisher as the most super slimmed mum on U.S. magazine In Touch Weekly’s ‘They Lost The Baby Weight So Fast’ poll.

Jessica Alba’s Pregnant Offers

Pregnant Jessica Alba has been offered three separate magazine deals to pose nude.
The stunning ‘Fantastic Four’ star, who is expecting her first child with Cash Warren, has reportedly been approached about stripping off to recreate a shoot in the style of Demi Moore and Britney Spears.
A source close to the actress said: “Jessica keeps getting […]

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